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Sugar Momma Vape

Sugar mommas love to enjoy themselves. It’s the main reason they desired to have someone like you as a sugar baby. But even at that, you can’t be exactly sure what limit they have to the wild lifestyle, and you certainly don’t want to do anything that will make her leave you, so you’re always careful.

Let’s say your relationship is beginning to become boring — because it’s full of the same activities — and you want to spice it up a bit. Logically, you would want to do things that you haven’t done with her before; like going to nightclubs, or  having a great vacation somewhere far away.

But, what about engaging in activities like vaping?  Definitely vaping would be fun, but not all women love to vape, so how do you introduce your sugar momma to vaping, if she’s not the type that love the practice?

One sure way of doing this is to make her get into the ‘mood’. You can do this by visiting a club where there are a handful of people vaping, or create your own mini in-house party.

After eating, drinking and listening to music for a while, you then proceed to bringing the vape pen to where you two are seated and introduce her to it. Naturally, if she doesn’t like smoking, you can’t expect her to embrace vaping at once. But you can convince her by listing out some importance of vaping as well as telling her that vaping won’t expose her to health hazards like smoking tobacco.

At this point, she may be willing to let you teach her how to use the vape pen, but if this doesn’t happen, don’t be discouraged, with time and exposure, she’d learn to accept it. However, if she did accept it, then you should teach her how to go about it.

Remember to be careful when teaching her. You may be able to inhale as much and as deep as you want because you’re the expert, but for someone just starting, she need to take it a step at a time, otherwise, she’d choke on it and be discouraged.  

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