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How good (or bad) are your sugar momma pick up lines

Every sugar baby desire to have a beautiful, rich and benevolent older woman he can call his sugar momma. For many, this remains a dream, while others go on to achieve their goals within a short time frame. What makes the difference?  You’re just about to find out.

Whether you’re searching offline or online, you’d somehow have to convince the person on the other end to become your sugar partner. Many things go into this, but for starters, you need a good pickup line. A pickup line has the power to grab the attention of the woman you’re hitting on, and  make her willing to listen to you, but it can also make her call the cops.

It, therefore goes without saying that to be a successful sugar baby, you’d need to know how to use the right words. If you’re dating a young woman, a random pickup line from an old movie could do the trick, but a woman who’s used to hearing pickup lines all her life? You better get ready for some creativity.

This is where most sugar babies fail. The single act of using a cliché pickup line will make the sugar momma become less interested in you, except she has other reasons to act otherwise. The ‘other reasons’ may include your appearance, how cute you look, or how desperate she is for a sugar baby. But you don’t want to bank on those, or at least, you want to be really sure you’d nail it. So, how do you come up with good pickup lines?

As earlier stated, you have to be creative. But this doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel; true creativity is a build up on the work of others. So, the first thing to do is find out which pickup lines work and which do not. A simple Google search will reveal them to you.

This discovery will not just fill your mind with ideas. It’ll help you understand the psychology of women; you’d know what a woman responds to, and what makes absolutely no sense to her. This would help you become creative with your words when you finally meet a sugar momma you like.

These tips work well for both online and offline dating. Now that you’ve known the truth, act on it and produce the result you desire. Don’t forget to share your success stories with us! They help encourage others.

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