How Online Dating Algorithms Works!

The impressive number of successful relationships that began from online dating over the past decade is proof that anyone can find love on the Internet. The ease and speed with which new acquaintances are made across states, regions, and countries is perhaps one of the reasons for the success and growth of these online dating sites.

In a nutshell, online dating is all about making personal and intimate connections with people over the internet and developing these relationships into one-to-one romantic relationships that may be long term, short term, or permanent. Factors such as having a 9-5 job can be a major obstacle for persons who are looking to meet someone new if this person is looking in physical locations. This is because most persons barely have the time to visit all the great spots in town but online dating affords him or her the opportunity to meet someone via a dating app or site and even plan a date during a lunch break or late in the night just before going to bed.

Different categories of online dating platforms in existence today are reserved for a specific category of individuals whereas others serve multiple categories. This is why we now have dating sites for persons over 40, Jewish dating, singles dating, gay dating, hook-up sites, sugar momma dating, sugar daddy dating, gay and lesbian dating all over the internet. 

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To keep up with the trend in user technologies and deliver a seamless dating experience to users, many dating websites have taken advantage of mobile technologies to come up with dating apps, which allow users more flexibility. Much like every part of human existence today, the Internet has made it super easy to meet amazing people and find love in ways that someone with a tight schedule or a shy person may have not been able to do some years ago.

If you are tired of conventional dating methods or in need of a more convenient way to find a date by tonight, click on the next page to find out how to create a good profile and make contact in ways that will get the right people attracted to you.

Online Dating: Creating a Profile

Your profile is the first thing that other users see when they look you up on online dating sites or when you appear in their search results. Simply put, your profile is a summary of who you are and your interests as well as some additional information. 
All online dating sites offer paid membership, free membership or both. If you are visiting a free membership site for the first time, the site may allow you to view members’ profiles and pictures but would not let you contact existing members until you sign up even though it is free.
With paid membership sites, however, the process is different because, in most cases, paid online dating sites or apps either deny you access or grants you only limited access to user profiles if you have not signed up officially. One reason for this is to keep the identity of users private to the network.
If you have found an online dating website that suits your needs, the first step towards landing your first date is to create a user account on the website by clicking the usual Join or Sign Up option, which will open a form you will have to fill out with basic information about you. The details you will be asked to provide in these sign up forms usually include your:

  • Email
  • Create a password
  • Birthday
  • Preferred username
  • Country
  • State
  • City

If you have decided to sign up for online dating on a paid site, you may be asked to choose a payment plan and enter your credit card details to pay for the service. Alternatively, the payment details form may only be accessible to you after you have confirmed your email by signing into the email you used during the registration to confirm it. If the site offers both free and paid online dating options, you will be prompted to choose a free or paid plan at one of the two stages above.

Tip: If the site offers trial for the paid membership, it will be wise to try it out to help you decide if the paid plan is best for you.

Next, you will be asked to provide some additional information about you. This stage is usually optional but just as important as the first. At this stage, some sites may request your full name but they usually provide and option that lets you choose whether you want to display your full name on your profile or not.

Some other information that are requested at this stage include your details such as your body type, sexuality, complexion, height, weight, sign, etc. By now, you may be wondering why you have to go through this whole process just to find a date online. Actually, all this information is what the matchmaking algorithms of the online dating site or app uses to suggest matches to each user. By filling out all the fields, you increase your chances of finding or attracting the right person for you.

Moreover, some online dating platforms like Hearts Love Free which carters for different categories of online daters, and offers both free and paid membership offer a sign up option that allows you to import your personal data from Facebook or Google+ during the sign up process thereby reducing the amount of information you have to manually type in.

Next, may be asked to provide some information about some qualities you will like your ideal date to possess as well as your interests, likes, dislikes, hobbies, beliefs, etc. Last but not the least; you need to upload a recent photo of yourself on your profile. It greatly increases the number of responses and messages you receive and gives those who visit your profile an idea of what you look like. The next post provides some tips on how to create outstanding profiles and it briefly points out the pros and cons of free and paid membership on online dating sites.

Online Dating Create a Profile That Stands Out

Your profile goes a long way in determining the first impression that people have of you on online dating sites and it is essential to make this impression count. To do this, there are some important things that you need to get it right. One picture is worth more than a thousand words and so does your profile pictures. The graphic content on your profile, especially your profile picture is the first thing that attracts potential dates to you on dating websites so it is always advisable to stick to the good stuff without going over the edge when choosing your profile picture.

For starters, choosing a profile picture that is too revealing may prove counterproductive. Further, many online dating websites have guidelines photo use and may screen your photos before approving the upload. Remember, it is best to use recent photos of you. When it comes to filling out the sections in your bio, it is essential that you take out the time to brush aside all the negative thoughts or the lack of enthusiasm you may be harboring about trying something new.

Instead, focus on projecting the best version of you as explicitly as you can. If done right, a good profile can be the perfect icebreaker and can save you from awkward conversations while you are looking for a date online. It pays figure out exactly want you want from online dating and put it on your profile. This gives a potential date an idea of what to expect even before contacting you and it attracts people whose interests are similar to yours.

Additionally, using traditional phrases like “looking for Mr. Right”, “The right one”, “Soul mate” etc. or giving short and generic descriptions of yourself does not make your profile stand out in any way. The key is to personalize your profile so that it projects who you are in a unique and interesting way.

Tip: Take the time to read the profile you just created to correct any wrong spellings and edit any errors after filling it out.

Paid Membership VS Free Online Dating Sites

If you are unable to decide whether a paid or free online dating site is best for you, here are a few pros and cons of each to help you decide. The most obvious advantage of free dating sites is that they are free. For this particular reason, they usually have many users but the biggest downside of using free dating sites is that most of them are flooded with fake profiles and persons who are not committed to making any real connections. In addition, by allowing non-members access to user profiles, it is clear that free sites do not provide enough privacy.

The financial angle of paid dating sites may come off as a disadvantage to some persons but it has a lot of advantages. For one thing, the payment system allows the site administrators to verify user ID in order to curb fake profiles. Also, by denying or limiting the information shared with non-members, paid sites seem to provide better privacy protection for their members. You only meet persons who are serious about forming a relationship on paid dating sites because persons who are not willing to make any real commitments would not be there to waste their money nor others’ time.

Online Dating: Making Contact

Depending on the subscription plan you have chosen, you can start sending messages to other members of a dating site that you find attractive or receiving messages from them. Making contact online is a lot easier than the conventional face-to-face approach so it shouldn’t be a problem. While a simple “Hi” or “Hello” is usually enough to strike up a conversation, adding a little more content such as “ Hi, I just looked at your profile and discovered we have a lot in common. My favorite breed of dogs are huskies, what’s yours?”.

Note that it is likely that not all your messages will receive a reply. Don’t get discouraged and throw in the towel when this happens, just keep looking up different profiles and contacting other users that appeal to you. Some people you contacted on a dating site may not reply your messages because they are no longer active on the site. Others may simply not be interested in you. In both cases, the best course action is to try out other persons.

If someone replies your message and you start talking, it is always advisable to request a voice or video call to ensure you are actually talking to a stunning 26-year old lady you saw in the person’s profile picture and not a bored teenage boy looking for who to prank. Most online dating sites have audio and video chat features nowadays but you can always turn to other alternatives like Skype if you find their performance to be unsatisfactory.

Going on a Date

Chances are that you will find someone who is willing to meet face to face if you keep at this for a short while. This is a major milestone in your online dating experience but there are a few things to keep in mind while planning a date.
For starters, you do not have to stress about making too much time commitments on your first date. Just keep it short and simple, and plan everything from the start to avoid any surprises. If things do not go as planned, you can always bounce and never contact this person again.

A simple rule of thumb in online dating is that if you are meeting someone for the first time, it is always advisable to meet with the person in a public place. This goes a long way in avoiding any ugly surprises and gives you the opportunity to observe your date at close quarters before making any real commitments.

For your first date, you can meet in a restaurant, at sports game, a park, or some other public place. The important thing here is to make sure there are other people around. Hopefully, all things will go well but this can be a life saver if you run into a predator. 

The next post explains how online dating sites creates and suggests matches to its users.

Online Dating: Match Making

Specific internet dating websites specialize in match making. However, all of them have a common method of suggesting matches to all members. Remember the second post in this series, which talks about why it is important to fill out all segments of your profile and answer any additional questions as best as you can? Well, this information is what many online dating matchmaking rely on. A combination of the many features such as hair color, sexuality, age range, nationality, body type etc. that each user specifies that he or she wants in an ideal partner as well as the user’s profile information are used in the matchmaking process to determine the best matches.

Depending on how important each characteristic is to each member, the complex matchmaking algorithm on the internet dating site sorts the results according to the percentage of each attribute in other users and returns the best matches in ascending order. This system makes sense because people’s’ characteristics are what usually attract others to them at first. Upon getting to know each other better, both parties can then decide to take the relationship to the next level.

While the matchmaking algorithms of online dating sites help people find people they like, it is actually the individual’s effort that determines whether he or she succeeds in his or her quest for relationships through the Internet. Many online dating sites for different categories of persons report impressive figures about successful matches and even marriages with testimonials and reviews to back it up so it would seem that online dating is a great solution, especially for the very busy or shy individuals out there.

By providing a level playing field where anyone can break out of his or her usual circle and find a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a sugar momma, sugar daddy, or a life partner, mobile dating and other internet dating websites gives everybody a chance to find love without having to search or wait forever.

If you have been thinking about trying out online dating, there is no better time than now to get off the fence and hit the sign up button to have a totally new experience of finding love the unconventional and fun way. What’s more? You do not necessarily have to be looking to find someone to marry in order to get on the train, you may just be looking to flirt online, find other singles, or a short-term relationship. No matter your romantic needs or interests, you can be sure that you will easily find an online dating site that will get the job done.

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