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Sugar Momma Meet up: Little things you can do to make your meeting memorable

No matter what anyone tells you, traditional meetup still works in the sugar dating world. In fact, if you haven’t been getting the desired attention online, you might want to consider traditional offline dating.

People who think traditional dating doesn’t work aren’t lying. Most of them have tried it and gotten frustrated with the results. But the truth is, those people who get frustrated are doing it the wrong way, and remember what happens when you don’t follow the rules?

Rules? Hell yeah! There are unspoken rules guarding the offline sugar dating realm, and if you get them right, you’d be happy most of the time. Lucky for you, this article was written to elicit some of the major rules. Seat back and enjoy.


Remember these rules are for meeting a sugar momma for the first time. If you spot her, say in a bar and decide to walk up to her, the first thing you’d have to do is speak when you get up to her. Now, you may think you’re a pro at getting the attention of women… Just wait until a rich, famous and really intimidating woman is sitting next to you. Boy, you’d be tongue tied.

To prevent this, practice prior thinking. Meditate on the things you’re going to say to her before walking up to her seat.


There’s one reason the world is boring: it’s full of different people doing the same thing over and over again. Your potential sugar momma won’t be stunned if you used a pick up line she’d been hearing all her life.

The key to grabbing her attention is to be unusual. Be different, both in your choice of words and in the way you articulate them. This doesn’t mean you should turn into a clown. It means you should add originality to what you do. This leads us to rule no. 3



It’s pathetic how newbie sugar babies try to be whom they are not. Sure, you should refine yourself a little bit, but pretending to be who you are not? That’s a no go area if your goal is to land a rich and successful older woman.

If, after your pickup line, she gets interested and asks you to join her on the table, don’t ruin it by trying to lie or feign. You might be surprised that she’d love you for you. And if that doesn’t happen, never mind, she don’t deserve you.
So, there you go. Apply these three rules the next time you spot a sugar momma, and your chances of  becoming her baby would multiply incredibly. In addition to all these, dress nice, be humorous, and don’t show that you’re after her money.

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