Why You Should Give Your Sugar Momma Money

Want Sugar Mama Or Sugar Baby? A sugar momma by definition is one who showers her younger companion with gifts and cash. Going by the definition, it’s obvious that your job is not to give your sugar momma money, it should be the other way round. However, things don’t always work when you go by […]

How To Ask Your Sugar Momma For Money

Want Sugar Mama Or Sugar Baby? Even if your sugar momma is your best friend, there is always that awkward feeling when asking her for money for the first time. You would have different voices in your head telling you how wrong what you are about to do is. It even gets worst if you […]

What does Sugar Baby Allowance really mean?

Want Sugar Mama Or Sugar Baby? Sugar baby allowance is the amount of money paid a sugar baby on a weekly or monthly basis. The amount a sugar baby receives is most often agreed upon before the relationship begins, but could be increased as the relationship gets interesting. Statistics show that sugar babies earn an […]