Give Your Sugar Momma Money
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Why You Should Give Your Sugar Momma Money

A sugar momma by definition is one who showers her younger companion with gifts and cash. Going by the definition, it’s obvious that your job is not to give your sugar momma money, it should be the other way round.

However, things don’t always work when you go by the books. Going beyond the norm could be the secret to enjoying a super beneficial sugaring relationship.

Now, there’s a twist to this. And if you properly grabbed the concept, you would want to keep giving your sugar momma gifts as often as you can.  

Here’s the thing. Your sugar momma gives you cash and any other form of sugar because it’s her own part of the deal (remember the agreement you signed?). But, in your case, you are giving your sugar momma money to capture her heart.

Women have always been endeared  to men who give them gifts, your sugar momma is no different. When you surprise her with occasional gifts or support her financially, you would be making a good impression and paving way for more allowance in the future.
That’s the idea behind giving your sugar momma – you are indirectly asking for more. Think of it like sowing seeds. Now that you know, go ahead and put the ideas to work. You would be amazed at the result you get.

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