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Quick tips to maintain a long term sugar momma relationship

Sugar dating can be a lucrative and exciting experience when everything works well in the relationship. However, this is usually far from the norm as most sugar dating relationships don’t last long as a result of misunderstanding and compatibility problems.

Many sugar babies lament about the lack of an ideal sugar momma but forget that you cannot make anyone perfect. Most times it lies on the sugar baby to seek for ways to maintain the relationship as most sugar mommies have no time for such. If you are a sugar baby and are wondering how to maintain a long term sugaring, then this piece is just for you!

Be yourself

One major problem many face is trying to conform to a personality that does not represent their true self. Your sugar momma is likely to be experienced and most likely not interested in you pretending to be someone else to please her.  

Most sugar momma would be gauging you based on how natural you are as this gives her an indication of how long the relationship would last. If you’re flaky in persona, then you have to work on your natural self in order to enjoy long term success in sugar dating.

Keep her interested in you

What this mean is that you need to maintain an air of unpredictability in the relationship, but in a healthy way. Once a woman cannot read your next thoughts, she becomes more clingy and willing to be with you more.

This also works well in sugar dating, sugar babies that have this mysterious allure around themselves tend to enjoy long term relationships, they continually reinvent themselves, making the relationship interesting to their sugar mommas.  You can always suggest a different type of holiday or private day out to places that would spike her interest – now this is an example of a winning strategy.

Be there to support her

It is no surprise that sugar mommas can be demanding and commanding in nature. However, this is a facade to make her feel in control. The major reason that most women go into sugar dating is primarily for emotional support.

Being able to be there for her is vital as she gets to cherish your company, which inevitably leads to you getting well paid for your services. Take these tips like a daily tablet by reading them over and over again while practising in order to become proficient in sugar dating.

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