pies on a date with your sugar momma
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Taking pies on a date with your sugar momma

Sugar dating is no fun without the occasional outing and recreational vacation with your sugar momma. This is usually the period when you get to foster the relationship and build more romance as you seek to benefit more from her purse.

There are different types of quick foods that you can order during dates, but pie is chief among them for a variety of reasons. It has amazing nutritional value, it is available in different flavours, and it suits different types of situations. We are going to review why pie is a good choice for desert when on a date with your sugar momma, so sit tight.

Pie is suitable for all kinds of occasions

Most sugar mommas are hard workers, which is to be expected as many are career women who have amassed considerable wealth in the course of their careers. It is normal that there would be occasions where she would want to celebrate a particular promotion or deal.  A nice celebratory pie is an excellent desert for this type of occasion, of course, not without a bottle of red wine. Such a treat from you to her would accomplish a lot as it is a cheap but classy way of celebrating her success.

Pies is a good desert option for a vegetarian sugar momma

One thing you won’t be able to ascertain from a woman at first sight is her type of nutrition. Vegetation nutrition has become more popular in recent years and many adult women have turned increasingly to vegetarian diet.

If your sugar momma is a vegetarian, sharing a pie with her would ensure that you don’t go against her nutritional beliefs. There are tons of pie options which are made with fresh fruit such as apple pies pumpkin pies and others that can do the trick.

Pie encourages creativity with your partner

Baking a great pie  is no walk in the park, and you may be tempted to order instead, however baking a pie for a homemade date is a nice way to connect with your sugar momma. This would create a healthy competition between you two. With this, you can create an environment of competition and romance which can be extended to other facets of the relationship.

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