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Funny sugar momma quotes and meaning

The business of sugar dating has never been more profitable than in this era as many women prefer to take younger men as lovers. It could be a Hollywood thing that has spread to the general populace, making it a normal scenario in our everyday lives, but the reality is, sugar dating has come to stay. Keeping with the culture of sugar dating, we are going to share some hilarious sugar momma quotes and their respective meanings. Ready for them? (Hint: you want to be around your sugar lover when reading this!).

“Sleeping alone is a waste of my bedroom talent”

This is a quote that you can use when you just had a misunderstanding with your sugar momma. She is essentially paying you for your dexterity in the bedroom, and the quote perfectly highlights this fact.  It is also a way of making her laugh, if said in a funny and unserious manner.

This is one of the quotes that a sugar baby revealed that works well for him whenever he has some issues with his sugar momma. He also used it to draw her to bed when she had a lot of work on her hand.

If you bite my lips or kiss my neck, I promise to rip your clothes off

This quote can be used to start a heated encounter with your sugar momma. It is both funny and arousing. If she is the type that loves intimacy, it becomes easier to pull-off as she would most likely perform the desired action. Being able to be romantic and dangerously alluring are the two major ways of keeping a long term relationship with your sugar momma.

“A healthy relationship is built on a lot of smiles and an insane amount of bedroom action…”This quote was actually gotten from a sugar momma, and it really explains the concept of sugar dating in a nutshell.  It’s all about being able to make her smile with your youthful looks and manliness, while also maintaining a healthy dose of intimacy prowess which means she will always crave for more of you. Being able to strike a balance in both aspects is key to maintaining a healthy long term sugar dating relationship.

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