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How to be a Sugar Baby Animal in the Bedroom

How to be a Sugar Baby Animal in the Bedroom

Bedroom adventure is one of the trademarks of sugar dating. It brings color to your relationship and makes you bond even closer with your sugar momma.


However, it’s common to be worried about pleasing your sugar momma in bed…you know, becoming a sugar baby animal that your sugar momma will love. If you are interested in discovering your animal side so you can bring joy to your bedroom action, then this post is for you.


Firstly, know that everybody has an animal side that they are yet to explore. The key to exhibiting your animal nature is being yourself in the bedroom. Let go of your inhibition and preconceived ideas about love. Just be yourself and let everything flow from there.


Set up a favorable atmosphere

Atmosphere is everything. It’s important that the both of you be prepared both mentally and  physically. For mental preparation, you can begin with flirting, having some dirty talks during the day, or a romantic date at night. When creating a favorable physical environment, you can use stimulants like alcohol, soft music, Jacuzzi, etc. There are no specifics, just whatever works for the both of you. The point is to be relaxed and comfortable.  


Don’t forget to talk to each other

Studies have shown that talking during the time of your intimacy makes the bond stronger and causes both parties to have fun. Speak to your partner. Tell her what you want from her, tease her, let her know how she makes you feel.


Be In Charge

Some women want to be on the ceding end while their sugar baby takes the lead. Your sugar momma could be like that, too! You never can tell until you take control!


Remember that the end of the whole exercise is fun and intimacy, so you want to do what the both of you are comfortable about. It makes much sense to discourse about it beforehand, but it surely won’t hurt to surprise your sugar momma with some new stunts.

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