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Best places to spend a vacation with your sugar momma in Quebec

Quebec is arguably the most popular Canadian province known to many across the world. With its historical setting as well as industrial base, the province is home to a lot of high rising sky scrapers and fortune 500 companies.

However, this also makes it a good setting for sugar dating as there are tons of sugar mommies looking for sugar dating. If you’re looking to spend a vacation with your sugar momma, Quebec is an excellent location for you.

In this article we highlight three places where you can visit in Quebec.

The Montreal Botanical Garden

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a cosy stroll with your sugar momma in a world filled with flowers, then the Montreal Botanical Garden is the right place for you. With over 18,000 different plant species within its environment, this botanical garden is basically a place where you can go sight seeing with your sugar momma within the city of Montreal.

Popular flowers like lilacs, rose, orchids lily and other beautiful species fill this huge expanse of botanical beauty.  


Mont-Tremblant is a nice holiday resort as it is the home to many snow sport events in the province. Lots of snow boarders and skiers come to this ski sport during the winter.  Quebec is a relatively cold city and the skiing season stretches for several months.

However, in the summer you can go on a hike with your sugar momma across the mountains or settle for a round of golf on some of the courses located in the country side.

Hôtel de Glace

This excellent hotel is probably one of the places that you should not miss in Quebec. Remember the ice queen from snow white? You get a fairy-tale kind of service at the Hotel de Glace.  The hotel is made of ice and is probably the only ice made hotel in the world.

This is the ultimate hotel to enjoy the best romance with your sugar momma as body warmth is essential in this cold hotel. The ice bar offers excellent vodka drink to warm your spirits and there are spas and sauna in the hotel. It is built every year and available from January to March, so make sure you visit the Hotel de Glace for the chilliest vacation ever.

You would be best served by visiting the three spots recommended on this list to experience the full functionality on offer in one of the oldest provinces in the world.

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