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What does Sugar Baby Allowance really mean?

Sugar baby allowance is the amount of money paid a sugar baby on a weekly or monthly basis. The amount a sugar baby receives is most often agreed upon before the relationship begins, but could be increased as the relationship gets interesting. Statistics show that sugar babies earn an average of $2800 per month. Now, whether that is little or much depends on who you ask.

But really, what determines the amount a sugar baby earns per month? Is it just arbitrarily determined or are there factors to consider before setting an allowance structure?

How did you set yours, or what  amount are you thinking about receiving? In this post, we shall look at the factors that influence your monthly allowance as a sugar baby. Hopefully, at the end of the post you should have an idea of how much you should charge your sugar momma.

Factors that Determine Your Monthly Allowance

Let’s start by discussing what you shouldn’t consider before setting or increasing your allowance. Don’t think about what you are worth. Its a common trap but a dangerous one. You will be selling yourself if you do, besides, if your sugar momma doesn’t consider you valuable then she doesn’t deserve your companionship. Know that you are priceless. You are invaluable. The allowance is only a way of recompensing your service, not to measure your worth. So don’t spend time thinking about what you are worth, rather, put the following into consideration:

  1. The Amount Of Time You’re Investing   

Some sugar mommas only want to spend weekends with you, while others want to be around you everyday. The amount of time you spend with your sugar momma determines how much you should earn. It’s true because if you are spending the whole day with her, you wouldn’t have the time to take on other jobs so she’s your major source of income. In that case your allowance must correspond to the amount of money you  need for your upkeep. But if you are sugaring occasionally, then it’s reasonable that your rate be lower.

  1. Your Needs

You want to come out plain and transparent. So take out some time to write down your monthly or annual needs and the cost thereof (including a small amount for savings) then give your sugar momma an overview. Note here that you are sugaring to live the kind of life you want, therefore let your budget reflect the kind of luxury you want to enjoy.

  1. Your sugar momma’s Net Income

You should have a rough idea of what your sugar momma earns from her business or job. This will guide you into determining the amount you should receive from her regularly. A sugar momma worth millions per month can’t pay you the same amount as a sugar momma who is earning less than 6 digits. So your sugar momma’s financial status determines how much she is able to pay you.

Taking the above factors into consideration will help you better determine the amount you should receive from your sugar momma. It’s important that you don’t set an unrealistic amount because you don’t want to put her off. Your sugar momma is even likely to increase your allowance (without your asking) if you please her, so concentrate on making her happy. People pay money in direct proportion to perceived value, therefore be a valuable sugar baby.

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