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How To Ask Your Sugar Momma For Money

Even if your sugar momma is your best friend, there is always that awkward feeling when asking her for money for the first time. You would have different voices in your head telling you how wrong what you are about to do is. It even gets worst if you didn’t agree on a set amount and date for payment, or you did, but she didn’t make any move on the set date.

First, you should know that it’s perfectly okay to feel this way. After all, this is your first time with her. Nevertheless, you have to ask, if she doesn’t talk about it. She probably has her mind occupied with work or something

So, how do you go about asking?

Sow The Seeds Early

You don’t want to ask her for money or allowance abruptly. She may as well think you are only after her money. The best way to go about it is to set things in motion. Start with pleasing her. This may mean buying her some gifts, complimenting her outfit, sending her a love SMS when she is at work, or some serious bedroom action the night before. This way, you would catch her attention and then use it to your advantage. Once you’ve succeeded in getting her mind, the next step is…

To Ask Conversationally

No need to get official about it. Just bring up the topic during your dinner, when taking a walk or relaxing with each other. If you have an existing agreement (which you must have), then great. Start from there. Remind her about it. Since your sugar momma is pleased with you, she wouldn’t have a problem giving you the money or allowance you desire, except she doesn’t have the money at the moment.

What To Do When That Happens

Everybody has their broke moment, and money is like wind, it can quickly whizz out. No doubt, you would be hurt by her response, but instead of reacting negatively, you should show her you care. Perhaps she lost her money in a terrible deal? Console her and let her know you understand. When she sees that you are really after her interest, she would care for you more, and your allowance could go up!

Following the above structure, you should no longer have a hard time telling your sugar momma about your needs. One strategy that works like magic is called ‘friendship’. Make your sugar momma your friend, and you can get anything from her.

Go put that into practice. Don’t forget to comment your results!

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