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Sugar dating has come a long way from its origin in the late 60s which saw the concept of brazen relationships take a foothold. It should be said that before then, there had been few ideas about such relationships as it was not until then heard of for a man to take a younger lady.

However the concept of sugar momma coincided with the latest industrial age where many saw marriage as a thing of convenience. Divorce rate grew sharply across the world by over 50% and the idea of sugar momma became a common notion in the American household.

The names that have been used synonymous with sugar momma over the years have increased. It is important to know some of these names as it would help you locate sugar momma websites, apps and hotshots. This article looks at some of the common Synonyms related to sugar momma.


The word Cougar is one of the oldest terms used as a synonym to sugar momma. Cougar means an older lady in a sexual or romantic relationship with a younger man. It is no surprise that the term has been popularised as a result of the rising trends of Hollywood stars dating younger men.

This trend has allowed the name to be used in a wide variety of settings. There are numerous Cougar clubs, groups, bars and hangout spots in major cities in the United States.  When starting out as a sugar baby it is essential that you look for such spots across your location as you would significantly increase your chances of meeting a potential sugar momma

Splendid Mama

Honey Mama is a trending word that connotes a sugar momma that is not so rich. It has become a growing term among sugar babies and many sugar babies resort to starting their sugar dating experience with a splendid momma before moving to a richer sugar momma.  

You can always use the term splendid mama as a good search word when looking for a sugar momma. You would get results synonymous with sugar momma, and some sugar babies have gotten connected to sugar mommies using this process.

Sugar mommy

This is the traditional word for sugar momma in most places outside the USA and basically means an older woman in relationship with a guy. There are tons of websites that use this word as a major keyword for offering sugar momma services.

It is important that you’re able to identify the three synonyms associated closely with sugar momma. You can begin to familiarise yourself with these terms by making good searches on Google with each term as a keyword.

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