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Sugar Momma UK Definition: Who Is Really A Sugar Momma?

“Sugar momma”, ” sugar momma” “sugar momma”. Those two words are everywhere these days.  Even people who aren’t into sugar dating would have at least heard them once in their life.

But, what do they really mean? It’s easy to assume you know what they mean because you’ve heard them often. That’s what usually happens: when you’ve heard certain words for so long, you’d naturally assume you know what they mean. For instance, have you ever had any cause to look up ” mum” in the dictionary? Over 90% of English speaking people have never looked up that word. Why? Because they grew up using it, so it’s meaning naturally downed on them.

Do the same thing apply to “sugar momma”? Are those two words what you think they mean, and where the hell did they even originate from? We’d answer these questions one at a time, starting from the origin. Unlike popular belief, sugar dating started a long, long time ago. It was a socially acceptable lifestyle in some regions, while other regions scorned at it. But this didn’t prevent people from entering this kind of relationship.

The goal of sugar mommas haven’t changed much. It’s pretty much what it was in the beginning: the desire for a young, handsome man who could take care of her bedroom needs, show her how much he loved her and who was willing to spend quality time with her.  In return, she’d lavish her material wealth on him.

Sugar dating, just the like normal dating is widespread, and it didn’t require anybody to introduce it to a society. The desire is naturally in every human community, therefore, it’s easy to find sugar mommas in every country  and state of the world. History is not sure, but it seems this wasn’t so in the past.

Today, you can easily find and date sugar mommas from anywhere you are in the world. Connecting with a sugar momma living in a different territory is not very common,  and most of such connections aren’t successful, but they happen every now and again. If you’re looking for a sugar momma to spend some part of your life with, it’s advisable to locate one in your state, or at least in the UK.

If, for any reason, you get attracted to a cougar living abroad, and the feeling becomes mutual, do not be afraid to go deep into the relationship. If your bond is so strong, your sugar momma may come to stay with you, or the other way round.  

In conclusion, sugar momma definition in the UK is not different from what you have in other parts of the world, because sugar dating, like every other human relationship, is deep rooted in our human nature.

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