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Sugar Momma Hookup: Why You Should Try Doing It The Traditional Way

Interview the average aspiring sugar baby, and he’d tell you that finding a sugar momma is as easy as signing up on a good dating site. Sure, that’s a good idea, and many people have benefited from online dating apps and sites. However, the advent of online dating is making us look away from the gold mine of traditional hookups.

If you considered more closely, you’d discover that finding a sugar momma physically has a lot of benefits that online dating doesn’t provide. To begin with, online dating can be very frustrating.

How hard is it to keep sending messages to potential sugar mommas but get no reply at all? Most newbie sugar babies spend quality time online, browsing through the profiles of potential sugar mommas, then send proposals to the profiles that catch their eyes and wait in the hope that they’d get a reply from at least one sugar momma. But this seldom happens, and the sugar babies get frustrated.

It’s easy for people to blame it up on the sugar babies; some persons would say they didn’t position themselves well, blah blah, blah, but this isn’t necessarily true. The fact is, there is much competition online for sugar mommas, which gives them the fortitude to be extremely selective.

But this seldom happens offline. What does a typical offline hookup look like? A young man spots the beautiful older woman sitting alone in a bar with a glass of Martini in front of her. His intuition tells him she could be a cougar, so he walks up to her to spark up a conversation.

At that point, his chances of success are high because, at least he isn’t competing  with anyone. His success largely depends on how well he articulates himself before her. This scenario happens often in the bar, but it’s not hard to spot sugar mommas in traffic, in mall, or on the beach.
What’s important in hitting a physical hookup is the aura you carry about. If you dress nice, use refined speech and look smart, you shouldn’t have any problem getting a sugar momma to respond to you.

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