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Sugar dating is a lucrative venture for sugar babies is a popular notion but this is not necessarily true as in most cases only a select few enjoy the full perks. It is no surprise that less than 10% of sugar babies admit to enjoying the sugar dating experience.

This can be as a result of different factors as it is usually difficult for newbies in sugar dating to cope with the demands of a sugar momma. Many believe that searching for a suitable sugar momma is the hardest part of sugar dating.

However, this is untrue as you need to continue to improve your game as older rich women find young men expendable and you could be out of the relationship in a few weeks. One major problem is how to continue to maintain your standing with her in order to continue enjoying more perks in the relationship.

This problem is one that can be solved by learning how to scrub your Sugar Momma. The meaning of “Scrub” in this notion is to rub off a good reputation with your sugar momma making it harder for her to refuse your requests.

One way you can achieve this is by maintaining a good romantic relationship. This can come across as being a vague notion but it works when applied properly. Spice up your relationship by trying different romantic things. This could be in the form of giving her a good massage after a long day from work and other romantic notions. Your job in her life is to make her happy and relaxed away from the tasking environment of her work so you need to take this point seriously.

The second way is to be there for her at any given moment. Many sugar babies fail to get this notion right as it could seem overbearing and tasking. We all know that sugar mommas can be frustrating when they demand your presence within a moment’s notice. However, the underlying factor behind this is that she values your presence.

When you begin to exhibit strange behaviours such as refusing to honour her invitation or giving a nonchalant attitude towards her calls, then you’re on a recipe for a failed relationship.

Lastly, be sophisticated with your lifestyle. By this, we mean that you need to look the part in terms of your appearance and lifestyle. Your appearance and lifestyle rub off on your sugar momma. Women are naturally attracted to the looks and lifestyle of men which gives you an advantage. Go to the gym, maintain good body shape and dress in a cool manner.

This would make her want to associate more with you while giving her the feeling that you are worthy of her money.

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