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Strategy on getting a Sugar momma in New York

Have you been trying endlessly in your quest for a sugar momma from New York where you stay? It can be frustrating waiting for weeks or months without getting a single hello on your online dating profile. Furthermore, it could be that the results showing up are not up to the standards you desire.

No need to worry any more as we are here to assist with some of our tried and tested principles for attracting a sugar momma. It is always good to try new strategies if your only strategy has continued to fail.

Some readers may be wondering if there is really something called strategy when it comes to online dating. The answer is yes! There are acclaimed professionals that have used different strategies to huge gains.

Some of these strategies are things that you’ve heard of many times, but the difference is the mode of application. Enough of the stories let’s get straight to the point and outline three key strategies that can increase your success rate.

Utilize Multiple Dating Sites

It is simple logic that many is better when it comes to online dating, many people have this false illusion that the size of a particular platform means higher chances of getting a sugar momma. However the reality is that to excel you have to play the game of high percentages, this means that the more platform you join, the higher your chances.

You can be on sites like Tinder or OKCupid which is okay due to their huge user-base, but endeavour to join other localized platforms. For instance, you may be better off joining a dating site that is restricted to the New York Suburb. There is a higher chance of a sugar momma using a local platform than a popular platform for her specific needs.

Improve your Online Profile

One particular aspect that turns off potential sugar mommas is a poorly maintained online profile on dating sites. Most persons will spend less than a minute on a profile on average this makes a beautiful profile a huge selling point.

It is important that you post regularly with, an update of your pictures and videos in a cool and interesting manner. Most sugar mommas check the activity of a profile before striking up communication. Ensure that your online profile is optimized to attract sugar momma, you would experience positive results within a short period of time.

Actively Engage In Crisp Conversation With Sugar Mommas.

One of the mistakes many sugar babies make is waiting for sugar mommas to begin the first conversation. It is natural that women could be shy in making the first communication despite their interest in your profile.

One way to fast track this process is, enacting a quick conversation with potential sugar mommas. This is easy to achieve as you only need to search for the ideal sugar momma you want and send a cool message. The message could be in this form “hi I’m Andrew I love your profile picture, can we talk”.

This simple message above would help in breaking any tensions and allow for more interaction to take place within the dating website.  The three strategies listed above, when applied correctly and constantly, would result in more success than failures in the quest to get a sugar momma in New York.

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