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Sugar dating a sugar momma in Victoria BC is an arrangement that benefits both parties. Your sugar momma gets your time and attention. You get to enjoy the finer things in life, especially money. Simple. Or is it?

Victoria is the capital city of British Colombia in Canada. This “City of Gardens”, an allusion to its mild climate which enables flowers to bloom all year round, is home to half a million people. Technology, tourism, education and public corporations are the mainstays of her economy. Native Canadians also retire there to enjoy the temperate clime and the city’s relaxed pace.

Victoria BC is fair hunting grounds for sugar mommas! This Huffington Post article details some chic places to go hangout in as you hunt.

Dating a sugar momma in Victoria BC is no walk in the park. She is innately insecure and possessive. You are her pet. She will show you off to her friends. She will monitor your movements and call you up several times during the day. She will set up impromptu meets you dare not miss. She expects public display of affection. In return, she will lavish you with hangouts at exotic places, vacations, sleep outs in her swanky apartment and the use of her expensive cars. And cash.

We don’t want you to mess this arrangement up, so we came up with four “rules of the road”:

  1. Keep your “other life” on the down low.

Remember the RKelly hit song? There should be no phone calls or text messages from your significant other when you are spending time with your momma. Your attention must not be diluted when you are with your momma, either by business or by the “other” person. Especially the “other” person.

  1. Don’t try to make out with her friends.

Are you crazy or what? The thought of making out with any of her friends should never cross your mind. If any of her friends wants a sugar baby, best direct her to a reputable sugar dating website such as this.

  1. Be above board.

Don’t play games with your sugar momma! Be straight up with her! Do you need some funds outside of the official sum agreed to? Talk it up with her. If you convince her enough, she will pony up the funds. Don’t try to scam her, for instance, by creating a non-existent emergency.

  1. Don’t disrespect her.

Sugar mommas can be difficult at times, but please, always keep the respect thing going. Be polite, always. If there are any differences, talk it out with her like the gentleman you are. Don’t use cuss words on her. Don’t you ever assault or rape her. Don’t ever lose your cool.

These rules of the road will keep you from tripping up and getting your arse kicked out the door by your sugar momma.

We recommend you read up this helpful interview with two sugar babies.

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