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When we hear the word “sugar baby”, what pops into our mind is a young attractive woman with an older and successful man. But are women the only ones branded “sugar babies”?

Well, the answer is NO.

So who is a sugar baby? Simply put, a sugar baby is a young woman who takes interest in older men or older lesbian women (sugar daddy or sugar mommies). Also, a sugar baby could be a young man who takes interest in older women (sugar mommy) or older gay men. Since we have been able to clarify who a sugar daddy is, what then makes a sugar baby attractive to women?

There are tons of things that makes a female sugar baby attractive to men. But when it comes to women, they are not so glaring. In this article, we will be reviewing some sugar baby aesthetics that older women find desirable in young men or young women.

Here they are:

  1. Care and Attention: Every woman wants a caring man or woman for herself and sugar mommies are no different. A sugar baby might be able to attract sugar mommies with his or her charming appearance, confidence and personality, but none of these will matter if he or she is not caring. The sugar mommy will see red flag all around him or her and bolt off with time.

Also, sugar mommies desire a young man or woman who is attentive and is ready to listen to her worries, her insecurities and give her compliment often.

  1. Confidence: Another sugar baby aesthetics that makes a young man appealing to a sugar mommy is his confidence. Men love confident women the same way women love confident men and women. A confident person is more attractive than one without confidence.

Successful sugar mommies attained the height they are now by having the confidence to get what they want. They find a sugar baby with the same quality attractive.

  1. Ambitious: Sugar mommies are responsible breeds. This is how they have been able to become successful in their careers. Sugar mommies tend to find an ambitious sugar baby more attractive because it reminds them of their younger self.

Ambition being a sugar baby aesthetics makes a sugar mommy more responsible, more supportive and more invested in their sugar baby.

  1. Independence: Being independent is an aesthetics that makes a sugar baby more attractive to a sugar mommy. Great sugar mommies are women who are independent financially and in other facets of their lives. The last thing they want is an overly dependent young partner to disrupt the serenity in their lives.

Sugar babies who pursue their happiness and passion and also strive to be less needy are preferable to women than the needy ones.

5. Dressing well: Another sugar baby aesthetics that cannot be overemphasized is dressing well. A well dressed young man or woman is more attractive and more desirable to a badly dressed one. Sugar baby that dress smartly and confidently are more attractive to women. It projects to women a young man or woman that is confident and comfortable with her personality. That is the type of partner that every woman wants for herself.

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