Am I Pretty Enough to Be a Sugar Baby
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Am I Pretty Enough to Be a Sugar Baby?

Am I pretty enough to be a sugar baby? If this is what is keeping you from seeking out sugar daddies, trust me, you are worrying about the wrong stuff.

Chances are, you are thinking you are not pretty enough to be a sugar baby because you have not been successful with your sugar daddies thus far or some douche ingrained this negative thought in your mind.

Nevertheless, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you sometimes find very gorgeous men in a relationship with an average or below-average-looking woman? This happens all the time and if there is one thing to take from it, it is the fact that good looks have little to do with attraction.

Rather than asking yourself the question Am I pretty enough to be a sugar baby? Your personal magnetism and awesomeness is what you should work on. This is not to say that good looks do not matter –actually, they do because some daddies only want trophy sugar babies they can show off at gala nights, but while a pretty face gets a sugar baby through the door, it is an amazing personality and intelligence that keeps her in the room.

Different men are attracted to different kind of women for different reasons and as a sugar baby, one thing that makes you a winner with almost any man is your personality –it is your most potent weapon. All you have to do is be the best version of you and exude a reasonable measure of confidence.

Moreover, some sugar daddies are on a budget and cannot afford the high-maintenance costs that model-like sugar babies incur so many of them are attracted to the babies who looks just like the girl next door.

Aside from this financial constraint, sugar daddies are often attracted to women who are relatable, funny and passionate. These qualities are often lacking in goddess-like sugar babies who are often rude and usually rely on nothing else but their looks.

If it is your face you are worried about, all you need is to grab a make-up kit and transform yourself into that of any princess figure of your choosing because there is no better time to be a sugar baby than now!

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