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As a sugar baby, you don’t need thousands of dollars to attract wealthy sugar mummies, neither do you need an acquaintant to help you hook up with them. A sugar baby should always be looking extremely beautiful and comely to attract rich sugar mommas. Sugar baby aesthetics plays an indispensable role most especially when it comes to bringing out the beauty in sugar babies. Now,  the question is, what do you need, as a sugar baby, to make rich and wealthy cougars run after you? To look conspicuous, a sugar baby needs top quality and affordable cosmetics, clothings, accessories, frangances, lingerie, shoes, to mention but a few. Which is why you don’t need to waste your precious time in the name of surfing the net for how to seduce rich cougars. This article will help you to take cognizance of the basic aesthetics needed by sugar babies.


1. Clothing: There are different categories of sugar babies. Sure, a lot of them are decked out in designer, but it isn’t a necessity. You don’t have to go through the designer route by any means. You can go for the more affordable options, but you should invest in your look in certain ways. Buy clothes that are good quality and fit well. It always pays off to invest in yourself. Dress for your body type and for your tastes. Find your best feature and work with it. Always wear clothes that look good on you, because if you love your outfit, you’ll feel 100% more confident.

2. Accessories: Accessories give more importance to your personal flair, taste and preferences. They also offer unlimited opportunities for clothes, helping you to make the best of each item you have. Clothes take up more space physically in your closet, but accessories are important details to complete each appearance. You don’t need thousands of dollars to acquire top quality accessories (such as mascaras, lip gloss, foundation, styling cream, eye shadow, eye liners, jewelry, scarves, masks, fascinators, hats, hand bags and many more) as there are a variety of stores offering them at prices you can afford.

3. Shoes: There are a variety of exotic stores offering super quality women footwears with fabulous styles at good and affordable prices. Always ensure these shoes are matchable with your clothes to give you a comely appearance.
4. Fragrances: Fragrance goes a long way in seducing rich cougars. As a matter of fact, fragrance is your first and lasting impression about who you are. Irrespective of their smell, perfumes have the power to make you to either be perceived as masculine, feminine, sophisticated or stylish.

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