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Best free apps to get a sugar momma online

Sugar dating has come a long way from the era of the physical approach which involved going to exotic bars and environment.  The past decade has seen a change of focus in sugar dating as the online dating scene has revamped the entire concept of sugar dating. One major problem with the influx of dating apps online is the issue of scams or apps being poorly maintained, which can be discouraging. However, within this sector there are some few excellent apps that do the trick.

Are you seeking for a sugar momma online and feeling frustrated? No need to worry anymore as we have done the necessary research for you. Here below are some of the best free apps that you can use to get sugar mommies online.


Reddit is not one of the apps that would come to mind when searching for an app that connects sugar babies to sugar momma. However the app has one of the growing community of sugar momma available in different regions across the world. It’s sub group r/Cougars and cubs is one we recommend as it’s members share information and experience on the sub group. In addition there is a high tendency of hookup on the sub group as many sugar mommies utilise it to connect with potential sugar babies.


OkCupid is one of the most popular dating apps where you can find sugar mommies online. The dating website has millions of users and it’s known to be effective for setting up matches. OkCupid utilises specific features which ensure that its algorithm matches properly to the profile you’re searching for. It also has the swipe option like Tinder whereby you can quickly move through profiles and is a recommended app for sugar dating.


Tinder makes the list as the most downloaded dating app. This is mostly because it offers versatility and functionality not found in many dating apps. Boasting of a huge database of users across the world, you can set hookups with potential sugar mommies on the app. Its famous swiping feature allows you to swipe right or left depending on whether you like a particular profile or not. Its success over the years is no mean feat and it remains one of the best apps for every sugar baby to utilise. The three apps above are the recommended apps for searching for sugar mommas online. Now that you have this information, register on the apps and check our other articles for more tips.

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