other names are sugar mommas called
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What other names are sugar mommas called?

What other names are sugar mommas called?

One interesting fact about the concept of sugar dating is that it is as old as time. Sugaring is not something that started recently, there are many instances in ancient records where such relationships existed. The Conservative nature of the world for several decades made it a sort of taboo until after the second world war. This period saw a different kind of culture emerge as women became more brazen with their relationships and it is no surprise that the rate of divorce grew sharply.  It was in the late 60s that the culture of sugar dating really gained a foothold in the American scene.

There have been several names that have been used to describe the term for an older woman going into a relationship with a younger man. In this article, we want to take a look at some of these names as it can be helpful for a sugar baby seeking a sugar momma who may not (yet) understand some of these terms.


Cougar is one of the terms used to connote a sugar momma and essentially means a woman dating a younger man. It has become popular as a result of Hollywood publicizing the name which has made it a household term. There are several Cougar clubs, bars, and groups which bring like-minded cougars together in different settings. It is always a good idea for sugar babies to search for such groups physically, and also to Google search the word ‘Cougar’ in order to get more information on where to meet potential sugar mommies.

Splenda Mama

This word only began to gain popularity in recent years, and it is basically a sugar mommy that is not so rich. This is usually used as an informal way of talking about a sugar momma that has an average income. It is not always possible to hit the gold mine of a rich sugar momma every time. For most sugar babies, they typically start with Splenda mamas before upgrading to richer sugar mommies.

Sugar mommy

This is basically a synonym of ‘sugar momma’ and means an older woman that engages in a sexual relationship with a younger man. This, alongside sugar momma, are the most used words when it comes to online dating. As a sugar baby, you would come across many websites that include the word sugar mommy, much more than the other terms listed above.

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