Sugar Momma Dating In Kenya
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Sugar Momma Dating In Kenya

Are you struggling with family and friends who don’t seem to understand a thing about sugar dating? All they do is speak negative things and ask what in the world you are doing with a woman old enough to be your mother?

They detest her. They don’t like to see her around you. You are afraid of bringing her home again because some persons have gone as far as calling you a male prostitute. If any of these resonate with you, then at least know that you are not alone. There is gross misconception concerning sugar dating in Kenya, in fact, almost every country in Africa have people who are against sugaring.

This opposition puts you between the devil and the deep blue sea. You love your family, your friends, you don’t want to lose them over this issue, and you don’t want to lose your sugar momma either. You can’t afford to. So, what do you do? That’s a big question. And a serious one, but one that we shall attempt to answer in this post.

Make Them Understand

This may sound counter-intuitive considering they are against your relationship, but, know that they are against it because they think you are doing yourself more harm than good, and even tarnishing the family’s image. You need to make them understand what sugaring is all about, but don’t organize a big family meeting yet. Start by telling that family member you trust the most. Let that individual understand that you love your sugar momma and she loves you too. That you aren’t destroying or selling yourself in any way. That sugaring is a mutually beneficial relationship. But, you don’t have to be formal about it. You can tell that person when you two are on a walk, in the gym, having lunch, etc. Just make it casual and end with a statement like ” I told you this because I trust you and know that you will understand” If you so desire, you can ask him/her to relate the information to the family. Or simply tell him/her to support you.

Tell Them What You Are Benefitting

Apart from the love and care, your sugar momma equally showers you with occasional gifts, vacations, free tickets, free shopping etc. She could also be helping with your education or business, whatever it is you are benefitting, let your family know about it. The chances are high that they will eventually come to terms with your lifestyle choice because of that.

It may take some time before your family or friends get comfortable with your choice, however, do not let that bother you. Continue your sugar dating because, in the end, it’s your life and you are the sole determinant in your happiness equation. Don’t compromise your happiness just to please people. Don’t.

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