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Mama June And Sugar Bear Ties The Knot: Lessons To Learn

“Never settle for a man who doesn’t treat you right, if a guy doesn’t love everything about you, move on! There is plenty of other fish in the sea.” ~ Mama June

That was the advice Mama June gave when she was being interviewed by a mag on the occasion of her wedding with sugar bear. Although in context she was referring to young ladies, that advice so wonderfully applies to older women searching for young men to date. We will talk about that in a bit, but first, a little background story.

Does ‘Mama June and Sugar Bear’ ring a bell? How about ‘Honey Boo Boo’? If you don’t remember hearing these terms, you probably haven’t seen the TV show. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was an American TV series that first premiered in August of 2012. Mama June and Sugar Bear are two characters from the TV show. If you haven’t, you should see the series. It was a great TV show, though many would argue that.

Back to the lessons from Mama June’s statement. As a sugar momma, you want to find the right sugar baby who will love and respect you. And let’s face it, it’s not easy to find that kind of guy because most sugar babies are after your money and nothing less. This is where Mama June’s advice comes in.  

In your search for a sugar baby, your sole focus should be about finding the arrangement that will most please you, and this means trying different guys if you have to. The only way to know people’s interest is to study their behavior and the words of their lips. Go on a date with any POT sugar baby, have fun with him and get into some discussion. You will know if he is the right person or not after your first meeting.

If you are still not clear, give it some time. Meet up again as soon and as often as you can until you are convinced. The whole exercise can appear to be too much of a long process, but, except you are only looking for a one night stand, no extent is too much because in the end, you will be rewarded with someone you can spend the rest (or most part) of your life with. Now that’s invaluable.  

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