Sugar Momma Vape Juice
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Sugar Momma Vape Juice

Sugar Momma Vape is a unique brand that is focused on producing only high quality vapes for their customers. The amazing thing is, the people producing these brands of vapes are former cigarette and cigar smokers, therefore they know how to blend the right products to give you the best vaping experience.

If you are new to vaping, do not worry as we would guide you through. In no time you should be able to start vaping with your sugar momma. To begin with, let’s define what vaping is. In simple terms, vaping refers to the use of electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers to take in nicotine in vaporized form. One major advantage of vaping over smoking is that when vaping, you are not burning chemicals, which reduces the risk of cancer and teeth staining.

Most people who are used to smoking tend to easily embrace the idea of taking in vapors to achieve the same result. However, as with anything you are doing for the first time, there will always be the need to be properly guided. Hence, we have compiled a short but comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your first experience.

Naturally, the first step is to get your vape kit, which can be bought online or in a shopping mall. For a beginner, you should go for vape starter kits then choose the flavor you like and a nicotine level that suits you.

If your vape pen is pre filled and charged, you can start vaping right away. Otherwise, you will need to fill it with juice and charge till it’s full. When you are ready to vape, simply press the atomizer to create vapor and start inhaling. You won’t find the atomizer button if your vape is automatic. In that case, the vapor is created automatically when you start inhaling.
If you inhale incorrectly, you might take in too much than you can handle and start coughing. Therefore you want to be as careful as possible. There are basically two types of inhaling you can use – Direct Lungs and Mouth To Lungs – MLT is most viable for a beginner. To do this, place your mouth on the vape pen and suck the content as if using a straw. Do this within short intervals. You can go longer when you’ve mastered the art.

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