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Finding a sugar mummy these days is hard. Even with the availability of numerous search options, it’s still quite a chore to land yourself a Sugar Momma.

The reason? Like every other market, there is serious competition. So it’s not only you looking for a Sugar Momma to take care of you, there are plenty other guys out there and even so… more good looking with intimidating heights and body build looking like Idris Elba. How in this world are you going to compete with that???

Then after toiling and pulling all the stunts you could resource, you finally land yourself a Sugar Momma that looks your way! Ah! The universe hasn’t forgotten you after all.

So how do you impress her? How do you keep her from shoving you aside and picking the Idris Elba looking guy? What are the things you can do to keep her interested? This article is all about how to.


You are a sugar baby, the male version of the mistress. Stay a step ahead with ideas on how to please, one of which is with your appearance. Invest in a good scent, pay attention to body grooming and maintain a nice haircut so your Sugar Momma doesn’t feel embarrassed to go out with you. Take care your skin and improve your dress sense to it’s sparks confidence and seductiveness.


Your Sugar Momma is an advanced and mature woman, she’s seen many a things in her lifetime so she’s less willing to tolerate whatever is not worth her while. Make your company worthy by always showing good manners, whether you are alone with her or you are together in the company of others.


A compliment will get you everywhere. But be careful to pay her only sincere compliments, because people can detect when you are being condescending. Pay attention to details about her no matter how little. Notice her hair, her scent, her makeup, her outfit and compliment her when she puts in efforts. She’ll appreciate them and love being around you because you make her feel good about herself.


Nobody likes being around disrespectful people, you should of course know that. It’s also a turn off when you are over confident, boastful, excessively coy or being a smart ass jerk. When you are with her, let the light shine on her, let her glow up. She’ll reciprocate by showering you with care and of course…goodies!

  1. BE FUN

Appeal to her sense of fun, adventure and pleasure. Find out the activities that interests your Sugar Momma and plan dates and treats on them. It could be going on trips, visiting a cultural center, going to the spa, going shopping or just spending some intimate time indoors. You don’t have to panic…your Sugar Momma would surely be footing the bills.

So here you have it. With these tips, you are sure to stay on top of your game at all times.

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