Three sugar momma rules
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Three sugar momma rules for any sugar dating relationship

It is always said that getting a sugar momma is the easy part while the hardest part is making the relationship last a long period of time.  This is usually true as a sugar momma is not the normal type of lady that feels a sense of gratitude towards the relationship.

Rather, she is likely to be controlling and demanding as she is paying you to keep her company. This can be difficult for some sugar babies to bear but with time, many have come to understand how to manage these tendencies.

If you’re having difficulties in these aspects, we got you covered as this article is about three key sugar momma rules for any sugar dating relationship.

Be confident

She could be rich, powerful or commanding, but one thing you should never lose in her presence is your confidence. Confidence is a vital rule for top sugar babies as it shows the sugar momma that you are worthy of her time.

In addition, rich and powerful women find confident men attractive as it gives them positive vibes which can go a long way in the relationship. Despite your initial apprehension about her status or wealth, always appear confident in your thought and actions when in her presence.

Look good all the time

This is the second major rule which may seem obvious as your good looks were what attracted her to you in the first place. However, many begin to draw bad habits of failing to maintain their looks after hooking up a sugar momma.

Sugar mommas are attracted to good looking younger men. Always look to polish your appearance; strive to look good and smart. This would help keep her mind on you and make her attracted to you for a longer period of time.

Know your role in the relationship

In the traditional sense, sugar dating is controlled by either the sugar daddy or sugar mommy as the case may be. Some sugar babies make the mistake of trying to perform the duties of a husband or a boyfriend.

You need to understand that such things would possibly put her off and reduce the chances of a long term sugar dating relationship. You are there as a lover, not a suitor. Offer your services in a discreet and appropriate manner that works well within the relationship. It is important that you stick to these rules. It could be hard in the beginning, but with constant practice, you’ll understand it.

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