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How to know a sugar momma profile

When you start out as a sugar baby, it is normal to look for sugar mommies in places that you’re most likely to bump into older women. This could include malls, parks, boutiques, supermarkets and other outdoor environments where women typically hangout. From these spots, you are going to see different older women that may be married, engaged or living as single mothers.  Definitely, not all older women you meet will be interested in a relationship with young men, and not all who are interested are worth your time. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by asking every old woman out. To avoid this, you need to master how to identify a sugar momma from a distance. How do you do this?

There is no straight answer, but there are indicators that expert sugar babies use to identify sugar mommas. Read along as we reveal some of these unique tips.

Don’t limit your search based on age

There is generally a misconception that a sugar mommy has to be within a certain age, usually from 40 years and above. But this is not true, there are many sugar mommies in their 30s who are searching for sugar babies. So the first thing to note is, always keep your options open when going out as you could miss out on a sweet, successful sugar momma due to your mindset barrier.

Look closely at her appearance

Sugar mommas naturally have this feeling of wanting to look younger which means that her appearance would resemble that of a younger lady. Watch out for her dressing,  there is also a tendency to wear high heels despite her age and use heavy makeup. Also, she could be putting on expensive clothes and jewellery. These are signs of a potential sugar momma, and if you see an older lady exhibiting such traits, it’ll be a good idea to make the first move.  

Watch her persona when talking

Sugar mommas are typically assertive and certain of the type of relationship they want from the first conversation. If she flirts with you during your initial conversation –  complementing your looks and appearance – that is usually a sign of a sugar momma profile. You could also attempt to reduce contact for a few days to see how she reacts. Most likely, she would miss you and crave for your attention. At this point, you have most likely encountered a sugar momma and it would be smart to initiate a relationship.

What are her places of interest

It is no surprise that most sugar mommas tend to be successful business women who have good taste for exotic things. When talking to her, guide the conversation towards her interests and places she goes to relax. If she mentions certain highbrow locations and talks about her various vacations in exotic spots within the city, you most likely have a sugar momma in her.

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