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Best Online Dating Sites For Singles

Once you’ve finally decided to date online, the next step naturally is to join any of the popular dating sites for singles and hope to find someone you would (eventually) love. That is a good step. However, it may interest you that not all dating sites are for you. There are tons of dating sites on the internet, and the best ones are tailored to meet specific needs. Whether you are looking to date sugar mamas, singles mothers, or professional women, the websites you would visit are different.

This is one thing most people don’t know, hence they waste precious time searching fruitlessly for a date that matches their personality. Don’t get it wrong, some people, by fate, find a perfect match by just visiting a random dating site. But, why leave things to fate when you can take the bull by the horn?

In this post, we shall be considering the best online dating sites for singles. We understand that there are gazillions of dating sites on the web today, but don’t worry about a long list. This is a compilation of only the top performing services in their respective niches.   

Ready for it? Hell yeah.

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1. Elitesingles

This dating site is mainly for single professionals. According to Elitesingles, 82% of their members are between ages 33-50. Because the site is tailored for single professionals who don’t have enough time to search for prospects, Elitesingles don’t have a search feature at all. Instead, what they do is provide you with  3-7 profiles daily that match your personality. Their matching system is based on the five-factor model theory.

2. Tinder

Tinder was founded in 2012. It quickly rose to fame as it was one of the earliest matchmaking sites. Currently, Tinder is operational in about 190 countries and they have made over 10 billion matches. Unlike Elitesingles, Tinder can be used by anyone – so long as they are at least 13 years old. This is the most popular online dating site for millennials in the United States.  

3. eHarmony

This website was established over 20 years ago by Neil Clark Warren, a Christian theologian and clinical psychologist. His vision for the site was to create a platform where people can meet for serious, long term commitments. The website is especially suitable for single parents or professionals who are after a long term relationship.

4. SeekingArrangement

SeekingArrangement was founded in 2006 by Brandon Wade. The site has gained worldwide popularity as one of the most effective dating sites for singles. It has over 10 million registered members and about 4 million of these are from the United States. SeekingArrangement is basically for sugar babies and sugar daddies. If you are a sugar mummy or a sugar baby looking for a sugar date, then you should consider visiting the following sites:  and

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