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Searches Related To 100% Free Dating Sites: Your Ultimate Key To Getting More From Search Engines

Google is the largest search engine in the world. They have maintained this position for decades and it’s not hard to see why. The main aim of Google is to provide web users with the most valuable information on the net. It’s no surprise that nearly 4 billion searches are made on Google daily.

As one of their efficiency strategies, Google provides users with searches related to whatever the users search for online. For instance, when you are searching for free dating sites, along with the best results, Google would provide you with searches related to 100% free dating sites to act as suggestions for you.

In most cases, Google’s suggestion works to provide the internet user with more information on the content they are searching for. As someone looking for free online dates, you can use Google’s suggestion to your advantage. Just go through all the suggestions provided. You are most likely going to find more information you would like.

Google’s related searches are not only significant to people looking to date online. Bloggers in the online dating niche would equally find this extremely useful. The related searches results can be used to generate long tail keywords for SEO purposes.

To do this, simply copy and paste the keywords on the related searches section into your Google Keywords planner to see the search volume for each query. Look out for keywords with high search volumes and play around them. Don’t use keywords with low queries because you want to avoid competition. You don’t want to spend valuable time writing content for which you won’t get meaningful traffic.

Another twist to using the results on the related searches section is analyzing and focusing on user intent. Many blogged don’t know this. Instead of stuffing your blogs with keywords, use the related search queries to understand what your ideal visitor wants and then put it out there for him. For example, when you focus on the searches related to 100% free dating, you would find that people are looking for sites where they can date for free. Use this knowledge to carefully craft enticing SEO contents.

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