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Best Totally Free Online Dating Sites

In the case of traditional offline dating, you don’t need to pay anyone to find a date. In fact, ‘love just happens’. The same thing doesn’t always apply to internet dating. Most dating sites are for premium users only, and those that have the free profile option seldom provide you with the features you need. It makes finding totally free online dating sites a little bit of a tough job.

But, that’s why we are here! You no longer have to go through the drill of combing the web for free dating sites, we have compiled a list of the top best free online dating sites. Sit tight as we show you around.

1. Oasis

Oasis is arguably the biggest online dating platform in the world. According to their recent stats, over 150,000 new members (from all over the world) join the Oasis network monthly. Once registered for free on Oasis, you can then begin to search for the kind of person you want to date. Be sure to use their unique search feature to your advantage when searching.

2.  OkCupid

OkCupid can be considered as the free version of because both sites are owned by the same person, the only difference is that you can use OkCupid to find free dates, while is basically for premium users. Unlike most dating sites, OkCupid requires you to answer some in-depth questions when setting up your bio. It’s cool because, with that, you would attract the mate that’s just right for you.

3. DateHookup

This is a totally free online dating site. It quickly rose to popularity because of its outstanding features. DateHookup has an advanced search feature you can use to find the specific type of relationship you want. There are also fun chat rooms on the site that you can use to while away time, and even better, find a date!

4. YesNoMayB

This is a fun dating site. The unique twist they brought to the digital dating sphere is something everyone would love. On this site, you can browse through as many profiles as you want, when you do, you can rate them “Yes”, “No” or “MayB”.  The website would quickly notify you when you get a positive feedback from any of the profiles you rated.

5. Casual Kiss

This is the last on our list, but it’s by no means the least efficient. In the past, Casual Kiss was a paid dating site, but they have reverted to providing free services. With Casual Kiss, you have different methods of sending messages, you can use instant messaging, videos or audio messages. You can also use ecards and blog posts to send messages to your potential dates.

The above listed are totally free online dating sites, therefore waste no more time. Get signed up on any one of them and begin connecting with your prospective dates!

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