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Sugar Momma Jokes

Words are like magic. They have the power to make us happy or sad. As a sugar baby, one of your (Unspoken) duties is to make your sugar momma happy. Okay, that may not have been included in your agreement, but hell! a happy sugar momma will endow you with lots of goodies.

While it’s true that some people are born jokesters, it’s also a reality that anyone, just anyone, can be funny if they wanted to. Jokes may not come naturally to you, but even if you are an introvert, you can make your sugar momma smile during your time together

The key to being funny is to let it flow out of you naturally. Don’t push it because you may be disappointed. Be confident and try to make (nice) jokes out of situations. One timeless hack that professional comedians have been using for ages is called the ‘rule of 3’

The rule of 3 is mostly used when you are already in a deep conversation with someone. It involves two successive normal statements or ideas and then an unusual one, which will turn out to be funny. When using the rule of 3, you are looking out for an opportunity to crack a joke by twisting obvious ideas and making fun of them.

Another way to be a funny chap is to act dumb. Go out of your way and do something unusual, it could very well be something you haven’t done before. People find it amusing when unusual things happen (at least not the scary things).

To tie it up, if jokes aren’t coming easy for you, try telling a story. Even the darkest of stories tend to have a sense of humor when retold. You can share your personal stories, life experiences, high school adventures, etc. with your sugar momma when you two are on a date, on a vacation or during a private picnic.

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