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The subject in itself is a hot cake!

You don’t have to ask a lot of persons before you realize that there are many hot, rich and benevolent sugar mommas in Nigeria. This is probably why Nigeria is rated among countries with the highest number of sugar momma dating agents.

If you are new to sugar dating, you are likely to get your first Nigerian sugar momma through an agent. They are that popular. But the problem is, many scammers are out there, looking to dupe vulnerable sugar babies.

Don’t get the wrong picture. Its okay to go through an agent, only be careful to know if they can deliver on their matchmaking promise.

Naturally, these agents are in cities where you are more likely to find sugar mommas –  Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt – and they make use of both internet and none internet methods to advertise their service. It’s hard to tell if an agent is real or not. You can’t just conclude when you see testimonials on their ads, because there are many real-life stories of scammers using fake testimonials, just to lure unsuspecting young men.

How to know if your agent is a scam?

Watch out for consistencies and desperation.

If you communicate long enough with the scam agent, especially when you ask the right questions, you may soon realize inconsistencies in their explanations. Or you’ll notice they are trying to hide some information from you.

Additionally, scammers tend to be desperate. They want the transaction done immediately –  before you change your mind. Be careful of such persons. Why would an authentic agent rush you into paying agency fees even before you made up your mind? Its a good marketing tactic but real agents know their worth, and they tend to be patient because you are the one who needs their service.

Finally, getting a sugar momma in Nigeria through an agent has a lot of uncertainties. Only go into it if you are sure of the agent. Don’t fall victim like many others. But why not save yourself all the trouble by connecting to her directly? This can be efficiently done through online dating sites/apps. The advantages are enormous; you get to save the cost of paying agency fees, and most importantly, you will have the luxury of choosing your date – most dating sites have thousands of singles on their platform.

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