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You thought she was the perfect match. You were excited at the prospect of getting numerous gifts, free vacations ( ), Broadway tickets and stuffs like that.


Weeks into the relationship, you soon realize that having a sugar momma is not all rosy. There are lots of lifestyle adjustments that you have to make, and the whole thing is freaking you out.

You are not alone.

Most beginner sugar babies face this. The major reason for this is the age disparity between you and your sugar momma. And the fact that she’s a woman – which means you are likely to have conflicting desires and ideologies.

What’s the way out?

No. Don’t quite the relationship. What you should do instead is understand your sugar momma; know what she wants and give it to her

How to please your sugar momma

She is expecting the following qualities from you, even if she doesn’t say it; respect, attention, confidence, and honesty.

1. Respect

Your actions (and inactions) subtly tell her how valuable she is to you. You would want to drop your ego and be as submissive as possible. Being rich and successful means she commands a lot of respect from almost everyone and she won’t expect less from you.

2. Attention

Do you know why your sugar momma is paying your bills? She needs the companionship. It’s a way of escaping the stress and boredom in her life. Give her as much attention as you can. Don’t try to double date – she wants you all for herself. Understanding this will help you maintain a good relationship with her.

3. Confidence

This is particularly if your sugar momma is a business woman. She would want to show you off to her friends, colleagues, business partners and family. You don’t want to disappoint her by being too reserved or showing lack of confidence before her people. Take time to build your confidence if you have to

4. Honesty

Everyone loves to be around honest people. Don’t lie to her, be open. In addition to that, keep your end of the bargain; whatever it is you agreed upon before entering into the relationship should not be broken.
In general, the best way to keep your relationship is to look past her flaws. Develop good communication with her, and you will easily discuss anything you are not comfortable with.

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