Sugar Momma Experiences Edmonton, capital of Canada's Alberta province
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Sugar Momma Experiences Edmonton, capital of Canada’s Alberta province

Edmonton sits on the North Saskatchewan River, which makes it perfect to date Sugar momma and take her on a tour through the city. If you are looking to take your sugar momma out on a date and are tired of the usual restaurant dates, then sit tight as we show you some fun places to take your sugar momma.

The city of Edmonton is bustling with social life;  there are just so much things to do. But we have selected a few of them. The dating ideas we shall be considering include hiking, outdoor picnic, relaxation at the spa and self guided tour of the city’s monumental regions.

Lets begin, shall we?

  1. Hiking

Get your boots ready and hit the hiking trail! Enjoy the serenity of nature, wildlife, and cool weather. Hiking trails in Edmonton are a great way to spark up your romantic life. Don’t forget to go with a bottle of water and something edible!

Some hiking trails you could visit include:  Edmonton River Valley Trail, Waskahegan Trail, Chickakoo Lake Rec Area Trails,  and Wood Bison Trail.

  1. Have a picnic in the park

Why eat in crowded restaurants when you can do it alone. Just the both of you in a lovely park? Visit any park of your choice and book your place then surprise your sugar momma with a nice meal. You could order if you aren’t into cooking.

  1. Take her to the spa

Do you cringe at the thought of visiting a spa? Could be fun, especially if you buy the right couple’s package. Consider purchasing massage and body treatment packages. Your sugar momma may as well need some manicure and pedicure. If you are taking any body treatment, be sure it’s not done less than an hour after you ate, because it could reduce its effectiveness.

  1. Go on self guided tours

Explore the rich history of Edmonton and as well get a chance to take in the lovely Edmonton weather while walking through the city. This can be either done at night or during the day, whichever works for you and your partner.

Other amazing places you should visit are the Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton city center, and Muttart Conservatory

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