^ Caring for School Age Children

^ Caring for School Age Children

Caring for School-Age Children 4E introduces the reader to those involved in child care; the children; the families; and then shows how caregivers can help children in various competencies throughout different stages of childhood. Suggestions for handling children with special needs, especially Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This book will focus on dealing with children from diverse and difficult situations, and working with children who have been classified at-risk and consideration of today's changing family dynamics.

Phyllis M. Click
Author Bio:

Phyllis Click obtained her bachelor and master's degrees from the University of California at Berkeley in psychology and child development. Throughout a long career, she worked in various settings with children and adults. She has taught in preschools, worked in summer camps, and developed and taught in a program for autistic children. She has also worked with adults, taught college students, administered grant programs, and designed a curriculum for prospective teachers for a private college. Now retired, she has been a consultant, helping others start or administer programs, and has published widely. Her publications include another textbook, articles in professional journals, and ancillary materials for other authors' texts. She belongs to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the California School-Age Consortium, and the Association for Childhood Education International.

Master's Degree from California State University and is currently a professor of Early Childhood Education Studies at Moonpark College.

Phyllis M. Click, Jennifer Parker
Cengage Learning
July 2005
4th Edition
Table Of Contents:
Ch. 1Caregivers : who are they?2
Ch. 2The children17
Ch. 3Families : where children are nurtured33
Ch. 4Development in middle childhood : physical50
Ch. 5Development in middle childhood : cognitive65
Ch. 6Development in middle childhood : psychosocial85
Ch. 7Helping children develop social competence98
Ch. 8Program planning134
Ch. 9Creating an environment160
Ch. 10Games and other fun things to do178
Ch. 11Imagination and the arts201
Ch. 12Science and math222
Ch. 13Planning for the future256
Ch. 14Getting fit, staying fit275
Ch. 15Using community resources296
Ch. 16Quality and standards310



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