`Tis a Gift to Be Free: Daily Choices on Life's Path

`Tis a Gift to Be Free: Daily Choices on Life's Path

Do you sometimes find yourself paralyzed by fear of criticism or rejection? Are you tired of worrying about what others might think of you, about portraying the right image or saying the right thing?
Virginia Ann Froehle understands how you feel and suggests some simple steps you can take to becoming more free, to being true to the person God made you to be.
This book is about the small, daily choices we make that can lead us to inner freedom. It is about facing our fears, accepting ourselves as we are, and trusting that God loves us.
You'll appreciate Froehle's honest look at our attempts to hide inside our shells and keep our true selves out of sight. You'll also appreciate her stories and the exercises that will help you take a closer look at yourself. Each chapter includes reflections followed by brief sections titled "To Consider," which suggest practical steps you can take to become freer each day.
'Tis a gift to be free, the Shaker song reminds us. Do we open ourselves to this gift? The choice is ours.

Author Biography: Virginia Ann Froehle is a Sister of Mercy and the author of numerous articles on prayer and the experience of God, as well as the best-selling book Loving Yourself More (Ave Maria Press). Froehle earned her M.A. in English from Marquette University, and now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she ministers as a freelance writer, retreat director, and spiritual director

Virginia Ann Froehle
Author Bio:
Virginia Ann Froehle
Ave Maria Press
July 2001
Table Of Contents:
Opening Reflections and Questions21
1.Where Will This Choice Lead? Understanding and Embracing Our Fear29
2.Wrapping a Shell Around the Pearl43
3.Impression Management67
4.Hands off the Wheel79
5.Other Entrances to Freedom99
Conclusion: Trusting in God, Serving in Love121



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